Friday, 6 February 2009

How to be Happy though Single

By the author of "How to be Happy though Married", "The Five Talents of Woman," etc.

Two bachelor maids, as they loved to call themselves, shared a flat for nearly three years. Each had a latchkey and did what she liked. Every day they told each other that they would never surrender to the tyranny of man, but one of them being pretty did at last fall into the arms of a husband.

The other abused the deserter, and was thus answered - "Women may grow newer and newer, but they will never be so new as to really despise the old, old story; and no woman sits long among the scorners of men who feels by anticipation little children tugging at her skirts. Now, dear, take my advice: marry whenever you can, for there is not enough of work, or fame, or fortune in this world to fill the void in a woman's heart when she is forty and stands alone.
Home Chat Magazine - 1895

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