Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Care of the Hair, Eyes, Etc.

No girl can be really plain who has good eyes and abundant hair, if she will only refrain from screwing up her locks into a displeasing tightness. With the hair, as with the face, ineffable cleanliness is a wonder - worker. "What lovely hair!" said a girl once, taking up a long, thick tress that lay on the glass counter in a barber's shop. A curious expression came into the man's face, as he replied, "It's your own, miss." She had grown that hair on her own head, but no one would ever have dreamed that what was on her own head at the moment had the smallest affinity with it. The dissevered tress was clean! In it were many shades of glossy brown, some like the rind of a horse chestnut, others with a tint of gold in them. The dull, dead, muddy brown of the hair under her hat needed only a touch from the magic wand of the fairy Cleanliness to be as beautiful.

The loveliest hair I ever saw belonged to a beautiful woman well-known in the highest circles of London society. That lovely hair lies low now, with the sweet grey eyes and the commanding beauty of the graceful figure. "How do you keep your hair so bright in all this horrid London fog?" she was once asked, and replied that her brushes were never used twice without having been washed in the interval. Six of them lay on her toilet-table, and these were used in rotation. The inconvenience of frequently washing and drying such a quantity of hair with the attendant risk of catching cold, was thus avoided. The method is a good one. Hair and brushes both get dusty, but if the latter are kept immaculately clean they do much to make and keep the former so.
How to be Pretty though Plain by Mrs Humphry "Madge" of "Truth" author of "Manners for Men" Publication undated but from illustration on cover dated to the latter part of the 1890's possibly early 1900's.

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