Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Notice to Correspondents And Subscribers Generally

Inquisitive Polly - (1) You can purchase the nose machine from Mr Alex Ross, 248 High Holborn, London. It can be sent by post. (2) No, it is always better for the gentleman to be a few years the senior. (3) John signifies "God's gift;" Arthur, "High, Noble;" Eliza, "a worshipper of God;" Annie, "Grace, Goodwill;" (4) Washing the face every other night with spirits of wine is said to remove the little specks that fill up the pores of the skin. (5) We can recommend you nothing better than the frequent use of glycerine. (6) Take a good deal of exercise in the open air, and avoid eating bread, potatoes, sugar, or, in fact, anything containing saccharine matter. Drink claret, and avoid beer.

Nellie Ray - (1) The mixture for whitening the skin, called Creme de Beaute, is prepared by Mr. Rimmel, 96, Strand, London. The price per bottle is 1s. or 2s 6d. (2) For improving the texture of the skin , see our answer No 5. to "Inquisitive Polly." (3) Wash to whiten the nails: Take of diluted sulphuric acid two drachms; pump water, 4 oz; tincture of myrrh, one drachm; mix. First cleanse with soap-and-water, then dip the tips of the fingers into the wash.
Taken from The Young Ladies' Journal No. 668, 1877.

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