Sunday, 22 February 2009

Answers to Correspondents

Helena Taylor, it really is impossible to say what is the best material for cleaning teeth, so much depends upon the state of the teeth and the bodily health of different persons: but all teeth, we think, may be safely kept clean with simple white curd soap. Your handwriting is pretty, but not sufficiently firm. Bessie, Vol. I. of the Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine can be had complete with Fashion Plates, price 5s. Vol. II. is also ready. The covers for binding Vols I. and II. with Index and Title-page, can be had, post free for 1s; the Index separately for 2d. Fanny is informed that moles are rarely removed by any process; but freckles may be eradicated. A good wash for the purpose may be made as follows:- Take one drachm of muriatic acid, half a pint of rain-water, half a teaspoonful of spirits of lavender. Mix, and apply two or three times a day to the freckles with a bit of linen, or a camel-hair pencil. Sixpence in postage-stamps has been received from Blandford, with one of our printed forms, ordering the Double Number of the Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine for May but with no address. There are no publishers in London more lavish of advertisements than ourselves, and yet we are, day by day, receiving 6d. for a 1s book, and orders - to be executed "by return of post" - without any clue whither they are to go. Dinah Harris. Mrs Wilcockson. Goodge-Street, Tottenham-court-road, sells silk for embroidering shawls.- Harry. Those "horrid little insects" you speak of may be kept under, as housewives say, by ceaseless cleaning; but the only effectual way to destroy them all, your house being very old, is to destroy the house.
The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine, September, 1861.

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