Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Dressmaking at Home

No doubt at many of the seaside towns where my readers are taking their holidays, bathing is the event of the morning. Apart from the hygienic point of view, I look upon bathing as one of the most healthy amusements a girl can have. It is certainly part of her education, so pleasant a part that it may be carried on during the holidays. Let each girl have her own bathing dress, and let it be either of bunting, the delights of which I spoke in these columns a few weeks ago, or else of light coloured cotton material. Avoid white, for it does not look well in the water. Instead, choose any bright colour which suits the wearer. Yellow bathing dresses are exceedingly becoming to brunettes, but no doubt, "Mother Eve" is so fully developed in girls of the present time, that they will not require any advice from me on what suits them.

One word before I close. I would remind you that a pattern of a bathing dress for a girl (no. 785, which appeared in the June number of Fashions for Children) can still be had from this office, price 61/2d, post free.

Home Notes, August 24, 1895.

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