Tuesday, 10 February 2009

What to wear on a bicycle

Coventry Rotary writes - Dear Sylvia, In answer to Brownie's question in the March number of Sylvia's Home Journal, I wish to say, that I have ridden both on single and double tricycles, and was at first equally perplexed with herself as to the most suitable dress to wear. I should recommend her to wear a perfectly plain skirt with a pair of the Dress Reform Association trousers beneath. I sent to Mrs King for a pattern of tricycling suit, and she forwarded me a pattern of trousers, skirt and bodice. The skirt is made with a loose front, and to that there is this objection - it blows up. I should in future make a perfectly plain skirt. I found the trousers, however, very comfortable, and should always wear them. I wear one petticoat, open in front, half way up, to allow the knees free play, and find it quite sufficient with the deep flannel band to which the trousers are buttoned.

Of course, in a large town where there are so many rough people, one has to get accustomed to such remarks as "look at her trousers", but I think that is better than "Look at her ankles." They are very comfortable, and with a plain all round skirt, I don't think they would show at all, for mine were only noticeable by reason of the loose front. I sewed it down eventually and then it was all right.
Sylvia's Home Journal, April 1886.

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