Saturday, 14 February 2009

Hints for Housewives

Tablecloths and Serviettes ought to be slightly starched; this will make them last clean and retain their fresh appearance for a much longer time.
Add a little Borax to the water in which sateen or any cotton material is rinsed, it will help to retain the shiny glossy appearance.
When the Bread Trencher is a bad colour, try scouring it with rough salt or sand and water. Leave it until dry. Care should be taken that no butter gets on the trencher, for grease marks are very unsightly; if ordinary cleaning does not remove them, a paste made of fuller's e-earth and cold water should be spread on; this will absorb the grease from the wood.
To Prepare a Floor for a Dance, it should be swept and scrubbed, and then, when dry, well sprinkled with powdered boracic acid, which should be rubbed in thoroughly. The children of the house may with advantage be allowed to dance on it, or to slide up and down, for nothing polishes a floor better than a few pairs of active feet.
The 'Isobel' Handbooks No 12. Things a Woman Wants to Know

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