Thursday, 19 February 2009

Notice to Correspondents and Subscribers Generally

As our correspondence has greatly increased with the increased popularity of our Journal, we purpose from this date to answer questions of immediate importance by post within a few days of their receipt. A stamped, addressed envelope must be forwarded for the reply, and in no case shall we answer in envelopes addressed to be left at a post-office. Our subscribers must not expect us to reply by post to questions that are not of urgent importance.

Adelia Susanna - The egg should be well beaten in a saucer before being used.
Perticia - 1. Either glycerine or honey soap are very good toilet soaps. 2. In no. 665, in the articles on "Women's Domestic, Useful, and Lucrative Employments," you will see there is a school of telegraphy in Osnaburgh Street, Regent's Park. Notices of vacancies for pupils are advertised in the daily papers.
Theo's Darling- 1. As you say you have met the gentleman frequently, and have spoken to him, it would certainly be wanting in politeness to pass him in the street without a bow of recognition. 2. It is not necessary to wash the head. If you are afraid of taking cold, brush the hair night and morning with a brush dipped into cold water; it will strengthen it, and prevent its falling off. 3. If the toothache arises from decayed teeth nothing will permanently cure it but having the tooth extracted. Temporary relief may be obtained by soaking a piece of brown paper in whisky, and sprinkling it with cayenne pepper, and applying it to the face; it draws out the cold, and leaves no mark on the skin.
White Blossoms - We have heard that the following recipe will remove moles: Bichloride of mercury 5 grains, hydrocholic acid thirty drops, lump sugar 1 oz; agitate together until the whole is dissolved; apply with the finger every night and morning.
Margaret M - 1. Many of the best West End business houses will not take young ladies as apprentices. We do not know if the firm you mention take them: if you write they would, of course, reply. 2. We cannot tell you the premium likely to be required, as it varies in different houses.
Marguerita - 1. We do not know the qualities of the medicine you mention. 2. Castile soap is considered very good for the skin; it is not expensive, and is usually sold by chemists. 3. Briggs' tracing paper can only be used once. 4. Nine yards of cashmere would make a handsome morning robe. 5. We never heard of the chemical you mention being used for improving the texture of the skin, and should judge it would be rather injurious than otherwise. Fuller's earth is of a very healing nature, and if applied in a rather thick paste, and allowed to remain on the skin until it is dry, it certainly gives a soft appearance to the skin. 6. Serges are advertised from 61/2 yer yard. You could get a really useful one for 2s. 3d or 2s 6d. per yard. 7. You could get alcohol for the purpose you need of a chemist. 8. 1/4oz gum tragacanth, dissolved in a pint of rose-water, will make a very nice mixture for the purpose; if your hair is rather stiff, use a little less gum, or a little more rose-water.
The Young Ladies' Journal, 1877.

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