Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Queen

On May 24th the Queen will be older than any monarch who has reigned in England, except only her grandfather, King George III. Let us hope that she will be mercifully spared to us in health and strength for many more years, and that the nonsense discussed in some circles as to the possibility of her abdicating in favour of the Prince of Wales will long remain amongst the impossibilities.

Pensions to old retainers are becoming less and less frequent in these days, when noble families have so many calls upon them, and the deterioration of landed property has lowered so many incomes. It is interesting to know that one of the acts of Her Majesty the Queen, after the first grief had passed on hearing of the death of the late Prince Henry of Battenberg was to summon the personal servants of the Prince and assure them herself that his death should make no difference in their emoluments and position. Occupation should be found for them in the Royal Household in some way as if the Prince had lived to return and need their services.
Home Chat magazine, May 2nd 1896.

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